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Some people that want a website aren’t always sure what would be best for their business. This is where cr8tive box can help, from a short interview our team can make a decision on what would be most effective way to present your business from visual design to functionality

Cr8tive box offers a monthly payment method, it makes us more flexible and helps develops a long term relationship so we can work together to develop your website and help your business reach its potential thought the web.

Web consultation is an important process so the team at cr8tive box can see what your company will benefit best from and are not paying for what you don’t need.

We will suggest ideas to improve your online presence, working with you to develop the site right though to the last stage as this is important to make sure the website reflects your business and give us a better understanding off your company needs.

We us a web strategy so all aspects are covered including: Evaluation of current solution, Analyse the core business aims, Setting measurable goals and objectives, Out lining impact on the company, Analysis web traffic. This strategy helps us create a rock solid online solution, meeting the needs of your company and customers.

If you currently have a website we can carry out a free evaluation, from this we will send you a report of our findings indicating any errors or faults that we find, depending on the condition of the site we can repair it or start from scratch.

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